Questons And Strategy Solutions“Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting.” -Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Demon in My View

It is a given that the volatility and uncertainty of today’s global economy border on chaos. Within this financial maelstrom, however, lies a precious, glowing ember: gold. As the value of the dollar and stock assets become more and more compromised, gold tends to lean in the other direction, toward prosperity. For that reason, gold remains one of the most solid, least volatile hedges in your investment portfolio, and an excellent diversification tool for any investment plan.

Safe and Stable

A Gold 401K account allows the investor to own the safest liquid currency on the planet. There are no taxes unless the gold is withdrawn from the 401K, and the intrinsic value of this precious metal is famous for its steady, yet stable, increase. Over the past half-century, precious metals have been one of the investor’s safest choices. Gold is a favored commodity which cannot be created, and whose amount is finite. Investing in a Gold 401K is safer than most other kinds of investments. There’s no need to bury the physical gold under a tree, then draw a treasure map. The actual gold is held in trust at a depository for you until such time as you want to change your 401K.

401K or IRA Rollovers

Pre-retirement investors who have IRAs or 401K accounts have the option of converting all or part of them into gold investments. For example, an employee with a 401K is allowed to roll part of that account over into gold while working. No taxes are involved as long as the gold stays in the 401K, another great advantage to creating a gold account. Investors who are retired can either continue the Gold 401K through his or her employer or roll it over into an IRA.

High Demand over the Centuries

For millennia, gold has been the currency of choice to back up paper money all around the world. Gold will never be obsolete, and will always be sought after for one reason or another. The dollar may fall to ashes, yet gold will continue to gleam amid the chaos. SOURCES: INCZ: Gold 401K: