Gold bullion coins are some of the world’s most sought-after gold investments. Although ownership of gold bullion was illegal in the United States from 1933-1974, that is thankfully a thing of the past, though there are some rules to follow. Below are some of the positive reasons that draw today’s investors to gold bullion ownership in the form of coins.

Gold Bullion Coins Plusses:

1. They are almost always legal tender.MP900384779
2. They come with a certificate of authenticity and a maker’s mark, comforting evidence that they are what they appear to be.
3. Gold bullion coinage is famous for its liquidity.
4. They are widely available throughout the world.
5. They are convenient to own.

In examining the most popular gold bullion coins, certain products come up in every list. These are outlined below, with brief descriptions of each.

Today’s Most Popular Gold Bullion Coins

The American Gold Eagle – Though not comprised of pure gold, these popular gold coins nevertheless carry a high premium value. Lady Liberty is paired with the American eagle, both images that inspire and delight.
The Gold American Buffalo – These gold coins have been on the most-popular list since their original production by the U.S. Mint in 2006. One side of the coin depicts an American Indian and the other, an American buffalo. The nostalgia factor is high, harkening back to both the old Indian Head coins and the striking Buffalo nickel.
The Gold Canadian Maple Leaf – This gold bullion coin is renowned across the planet for its purity, in combination with its overall low premiums. Made by the Royal Canadian Mint, it comes in several different sizes, with values up to a cool $1M.
The Gold South African Krugerrand – The Krugerrand first came out in 1967, during the ban on ownership of gold bullion in the United States. It bears an image of South African President Paul Kruger on one side of the coin, and the graceful springbok, the national symbol of the country, on the other.
The Gold Austrian Philharmonic – This stunning gold coin was created in tribute to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Throughout Europe, there is no more popular gold bullion coin for investors in precious metals. One side of the coin is an artistic display of musical instruments, and the other depicts Vienna’s Musikverein Concert Hall, the philharmonic’s home.
The Australian Gold Kangaroo – The Perth Mint offers this splendid gold bullion coin, first brought to the market in 1987. Originally designed to display a gold nugget on one side, that image was replaced by the regal profile of Queen Elizabeth II.
The Ziynet and the Meskuk – These are, perhaps surprisingly, the world’s most widely sold gold bullion coins. Stamped by the Turkish State Mint, they outsell both the American Buffalo and American Eagle gold coins by far, mostly to buyers in the Middle East and Turkey.

If you’re in the market for gold coins, be sure to buy from a creditable dealer, and consider the premium along with the spot cost. Visit this page if you wish to contact us.


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