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So, Why Invest in Precious Metals?

Whether you're concerned about...

-our government's massive debt monster
-the market meddling & "money printing" by the Fed
-the over inflated bubble of the stock market (largely based on the so called 'recovery' and ultra cheap money)

or you just sleep better at night knowing a portion of your hard earned money is actually in something tangible and real like physical precious metals, you've got to do some side-by-side comparisons before deciding which gold and silver company should get your business.

And not only should you carefully consider the various companies out there, but you should also be armed with some important, probing questions to ask each and every company.

Gold IRA Companies Customer Review

Disclosure: The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Regal Assets. The content on this website, including the positive review of Regal Assets, the negative review of its competitors, and other information may not be independent or neutral. The owners of this site have made it easy for you to find and access important 3rd party ratings that have helped form the reviews found on this site.

The Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Gold IRA Company BEFORE Doing Business with them, that Could Save You THOUSANDS . . .

 (Grab a Pen & Write These Down…)

Q1: “Are your annual fees FLAT or SCALED?”
It’s important to be aware of what your annual IRA storage and administration fees will be. This is something that you’ll need to ask up front. Most companies offer SCALED pricing for storage and/or administration. Some companies will say their fees are flat, but, unfortunately, they’re not being completely honest. They say that to “Bait” you in, and then slip the extra fees in at the very end.

So, find out if the fees ever become scaled and under what conditions. If you have a smaller sized account (<$100k), then this will not be as relevant, but, if you are investing more than $100k, this is CRITICAL.

Even if you’re investing a smaller amount now, your account balance may grow (or you may decide to add additional funds in the future), which may push you into the scaling fee. Accounts with scaled fees can incur thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees over 10 to 20 years.

For some, the scaling fee is even more expensive if you have segregated storage added on.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Choose a company with a low, flat annual fee for both storage AND administration…You’ll save a LOT of money in fees in the long-run.


Q2: “Will my metals be COMMINGLED or SEGREGATED?”

Another area to research (and be sure of) is how your metals will be stored.

Many companies will quote you the price for commingled metals when you first speak with them, but then present you with the higher, segregated costs later on (should you realize you want to segregate your metals). Obviously, this is going to be something that ends up costing you much more than what they want you to believe up front.

You’ll definitely want to get segregated storage so that your metals do not get commingled or damaged with lower quality items that another company may have sent for their clients. Another thing to note is this…Even some companies that do offer segregated storage don’t realize that the most popular depository (Delaware) DOES NOT offer segregated storage for silver. They only offer it for gold.

Now, beware of someone quick to tell you otherwise. They really don’t know the answer and just want to proceed with your business.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Make sure to choose a company with segregated storage for both gold and silver, even for accounts WITH segregated storage. Do this right away, as it will keep your metals safe, secure, and free from damage. Plus, it’ll keep you from having to deal with the hassle of going through the entire process again when you finally find out that the company you’re working with doesn’t offer segregated storage for your precious metal!


Q3: “Do you recommend BULLION or RARE coins?”

Both bullion and rare coins have their pros and cons. What’s most important is to be aware of them.

Be leery of any company that pushes a particular coin or product on you. If you want bullion, make sure you’re not forced into rare coins. Also, be careful with “X% over dealer cost” advertisements for bullion…In most cases, this is loss leader/bait and switch advertising in which the advertising company NEVER intends to sell you these products.

Companies will bring you in with low-priced bullion and try to convince you to buy their higher priced, ‘rare products’ –giving them MUCH higher profit margins.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Make sure to choose a company that does NOT push any one type of gold or silver coin. Also, if they advertise a certain metal…make sure that they make good on that advertisement and don’t try to “Bait and Switch” you.


Do NOT Go with Just Any Company, Do Your Research!

Here’s the truth about investing in precious metals… Every company will tell you something different. One company will tell you that their metal is the best option, another will tell you the complete opposite.

Before making the decision, you need to ask yourself this question…

“Have I taken the proper time to compare all my options prior to trusting a company with my assets?”

You’ll find out that companies’ fees are all different, their customer service can range from excellent to non-existent, they can be honest and give you trustworthy information or they’ll try to push their own metals on you, and you’ll find that some companies are a much safer investment than others. Look for a company who does not hesitate to give you a breakdown of all the fees.

Once you’re confident that you have explored all of your options, and have compared the information you’ve learned from each company to market information…that is when you can be confident in your decision.

We’re not talking about which restaurant to go out to tonight, we’re talking about your hard-earned money. This is a serious decision that needs the proper time and advising.

Now, here’s the problem…

I know firsthand just how long that can take. Calling up all these companies, speaking with their sales reps, and then comparing everything can take weeks. But, you’re in luck. I’ve done a LOT of researching, calling, comparing, and have made a ranking chart that features the top companies.

I’ve created a chart below, in which I update frequently, for you to make some side-by-side comparisons for yourself without having to spend all that time on the phone:

 Regal Assets
BCA COMPLAINTS (3 YRS)0 green flag
BBB COMPLAINTS0 green flag
TRUSTLINK( > 900) green flag
IRA ANNUAL FEES*Flat (No Fee 1st Year) green flag
WEBSITERegal Assets
SUMMARYTop Choice Based on:Reputation (No Real Complaints & Large # of Positive Reviews), Pricing, IRA Fees, & Segregated Storage

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Editor’s Top Choice: Regal Assets


Business Consumer Alliance: AAA Rating, 0 complaints in the last 3 years (see BCA report)

BBB: Rating of A+, 0 complaints in the last 3 years (read more on the BBB)

TrustLink:tl_5stars_lg based on 602 Reviews (TrustLink page)

Minimum Investment Amount: Regal Assets has minimum investment amounts of $10k for a retirement account rollover and $5k for a cash buy for physical delivery.

Determining Factor: When I spoke with the Regal Assets rep on the phone, he mentioned that their first year’s storage and administration fee has been waived. After that, there is a low flat fee for segregated storage of your metals. I found that most other companies offer commingled storage by default (raising your risk). If they do offer segregated storage, it is typically scaled and limited to gold. Regal Assets offers segregated storage for both gold AND silver –something that you may find very useful either now or in the near future.

If you’re ready to discover more about Regal Assets and if they’re the right fit for you, visit the following:
CLICK HERE to See TestimonialsCLICK HERE to See Recommended PackagesCall Them at: 888-981-7445
Or visit them online at: http://www.regalassetsonline.com

The Easy 3 Step Process to Opening YOUR Gold IRA Account!

Basically, there are 3 steps involved, each one as important as the next:

  1. Buy Gold (make sure you buy the right kind of gold that’s approved by the IRS)
  2. Setup a Self-Directed IRA with an IRA Custodian
  3. Store the Gold Somewhere in a Vault/Depository

*Thankfully, instead of having to complete these three steps yourself with limited knowledge of the industry, you can make one quick call to Regal Assets at (888) 981-7445. They’ll be able to take care of the majority of the legwork, making your experience completely headache-free.

While I know the price of gold will fluctuate short-term, you’ll be able to feel good that a good portion of your retirement fund is backed by something real, not just some paper based ETF, volatile stocks, or fiat currency. Unless you’d like to throw money at stocks or wait for the government to stop spending so much money, this is absolutely your best option.

How Did I Choose The Top Company?

Knowing the reputations of some of these gold companies, I was set on finding the most reliable, trustworthy company that specialized in setting up gold IRAs.

While doing research on all the Gold IRA Companies’ experience and reputation, I carefully checked the ratings on consumer focused sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), TrustLink, and the Business Consumer Alliance.

It became easy to see which companies had more complaints lodged against them, how many were resolved, and how many had been closed within the last year. A recurring theme among some of the ‘well-known’ companies revealed how poor the customer service they offer is, they have pushy sales people on staff, they deliver low quality coins, have a slow inefficient process, post unexpected fees, and push collectible (proof, numismatic, or rare) coins. Also, many reviews reveal that a few of these unhappy customers really feel like they had been ‘ripped off.’ These are things that you should avoid at all costs.

If you’re looking for a high quality, high touch, streamlined experience with a best of breed company that truly specializes in precious metal IRAs, does not push you to buy overpriced rare coins, and offers a low, flat annual storage and admin fee ($250/year and actually no cost the first year), then the obvious choice was Regal Assets.

I personally recommend you give them a call and see for yourself if they live up to their reputation.


Gold IRA Free Consultation

More on My Recommendation
Besides the stark differences in the reputations of the various companies, Regal Assets were a pleasure to speak with on the phone, were very knowledgeable and accurate about the market, and, most importantly, I quickly realized that they were experts on converting to a gold IRA.

I’ll admit that the contrast between Regal Assets and the other gold IRA companies was actually quite shocking. I had expected there would be a few companies I’d have a hard time choosing between, but this wasn’t my experience.

Not only do Regal Assets’ numbers add up with their 5 star reviews and very low number of complaints, but I had a wonderful experience with them during all the calls I made, asking detailed questions about converting to a gold IRA and inquiring about the overall process. Not only did they answer my questions fully, they did so in a friendly manner and didn’t pressure me to buy anything (Not even to buy gold, which I actually wanted to buy).

On the other hand, when I called some other companies, I got a vastly different experience. With most of the other companies, I actually felt somewhat pressured or like I wasn’t worth their time. Asking questions to them felt threatening (this should tell you something). And, some were condescending in tone while others were just completely rude (in one case, I was actually hung-up on).

What made Regal Assets stand apart from the other companies was the fact they left me feeling as if they take the most pride in what they do.

When you talk to somebody who is the best at what they do, you can tell.

The reps that I spoke with possessed a sort of relaxed confidence, which came across as the perfect contrast to the arrogance I was subjected to with the other companies.

If you’re buying gold coins (or silver, or platinum) for delivery to your home, like I did, they actually offer a 7 day delivery guarantee (which is hard to find anywhere else).

Feel free to contact me with any question, concern or comment, as I’m always on the lookout for fellow investors.

Gold IRA Free Consultation

I recommend you visit their website by clicking here or call them and request your free gold investor kit. They’ll call to confirm your address and you can ask them any questions you want at that point, or you can wait until you’ve had time to review the kit.

Feel free to contact me with any question, concern or comment, as I’m always on the lookout for fellow investors!

To Protecting Your Assets!

PS! Even if you’re not ready to open up an account just yet, I would highly recommend claiming the free gold investor kit from Regal Assets. It’s packed with accurate information that can help you to make the right decision for your circumstance. Good luck!

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**There are many IRA custodians out there.  Most offer scaled account structures, which means you pay more.  Our recommendation, Regal Assets, has a long standing relationship with another very well respected custodian which allows them to charge a very low annual fee (covered for the first year). Be sure to research this well before signing any documentation.